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By: Dev-Raj  

Palak Pralav – A Destination Wedding in Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Palak and Pralav wanted to solemnize their union at a destination rich in heritage, culture and history and this made Umaid Bhawan Palace the undisputed choice. Nothing quite compares to the grandeur and splendour of this beautiful palace located in the heart of Jodhpur. With its sprawling limestone structure and lush landscaped garden it is the ideal choice for a wedding seeped in royalty.

Both the families were very sure of how they wanted the décor and ambience and were completely involved in the designing and planning of the wedding. They were specific about every little detail right from the colour of the sofa and cushions down to the variety of flowers to be used. We were given a strict guideline: their guests were to be treated as kings and to execute a wedding rich in hospitality and ambience with subtle yet colourful decor making the celebrations vibrant and full of life. Matching the magnificence of the property is a daunting task in itself because everything looks plain against the beauty of this venue, added to that all the specifications of the clients which had to be delivered by incorporating it into our decor and layout design. Like always 7X took up the challenge with full gusto and executed a flawless wedding crafted to perfection. While highlighting the inherent beauty of the palace, all other elements were blended in to complement the property and create and uninterrupted flow of classy and rich decor.

The Haldi Ceremony

The focus was on traditional for this auspicious ceremony. The aim was to keep the decor simple and in line with the sanctity of the ritual. Thick strings of genda and champa flowers were used to create a beautiful backdrop while a foliage of asopalav added some greens. Yellow was the colour code for the immediate family and everything blended perfectly to create a sunny and bright ambience, the only thing that overshadowed our work was the radiant smiles of the bride to be and her prince charming.

Groom Haldi Ceremony

Bridal Haldi Ceremony

The Family Brunch and Garba

The guest were welcomed in traditional Rajputana style. The corridors lined with bright yellow and pink umbrellas, sprinkled with flower strings and silk tassels represented the vibrancy of Rajasthan. The interiors of the room was kept simple to let the original beauty of the room shine through, some of the elements that were used outside were added to give a flow to the decor and add some colour.

Wedding Decoration

Wedding Garba Celebration

Destination Wedding Decoration

The Sangeet

The evening sangeet was a glitzy and glamorous affair. A long walkway was created using warm yellow fairy lights giving the place a twinkling magical feel. The grandeur of the entry was reflected in the rest of the decor as well with use of plush sofas and cushions covered in the finest of upholstery, a requirement of the client duly delivered by us. However what stole the show was the stage. With the palace in the background we created a scaled down version of its facade on the stage, complete with scalloped and carved pillars while beautiful motifs made of mirror and mosaic tiles filled the niches. This was a work of art and the appreciation it gathered gave us the boost to go grander and bigger with our subsequent projects. The talented and versatile Purva Mantri who has performed with some of the best playback singers in the country was there to get the party started and had everyone on their feet matching their steps to her tune. Her magnetic charisma and energy got everyone to let down their hair and party till dawn.

Destination Wedding Sangeet

Destination Wedding Sangeet Celebration

The Bridal Entry

Palak wanted her bhabhi, brother and cousins to walk alongside her as she made her way to the wedding altar. The theme of keeping it elegant and simple was followed here as well and we made the event even more intimate and cosy by creating a veil made of strung flowers and embellished fabric for the men to hold over Palak as she gracefully glided towards the mandap. This signified the eternal bond of protection and love every brother promises his sister and this was the perfect time to reinforce that vow.

Wedding Bridal Entry

The Varmala

Looking royal in his cream sherwani and safa the groom came riding a horse to take his bride away. The seven vows beautifully scripted on a cloth formed a backdrop as he walked towards his lady. The bride and groom were hoisted on the shoulders of their friends and family as they exchanged the varmala showered by confetti under a sky lit up with fireworks.

Wedding Varmala Celebration

Wedding Celebration

The Grand Mandap

Hours and hours of planning, designing and conceptualising gave birth to this beauty and it was the showstopper of the event. We named our creation the Ivory Palace. White is the epitome to purity and sanctity, and we thought it to be the apt colour for a ceremony as sacred as the exchange of wedding vows. A dash of colour and glamour was added with the use of deep red roses and fresh orange gerberas circling the pillars and strings of flowers hanging from the ceiling. The family was very particular about giving emphasis to the floral element of the decor so we used the expertise of Larly, the most sought after designer florist to execute all our floral work. The beautiful glass chandeliers and tasseled strings of flowers completed the royal look. With it spacious and open design the family was able to partake in the ceremony from the comfort of their sofas. The family wanted a minimalistic look with focus on flowers making the end result sophisticated and tasteful, and we kept all of that in mind while preparing the mandap.

Royal Wedding Mandap

Destination Wedding Mandap

Designing and planning this wedding was a big learning experience for us. When the client is so clear and particular about what they want, with full involvement in all the detailing and smallest of elements it gives us clarity on what needs to be done, but at the same time poses a challenge to work within a tight framework. But we took the challenge head on and catered to every single demand, delivering a wedding just as they had envisioned. SIMPLE GRACEFUL and ELEGANT.