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Wedding planning services

"7X Weddings By Dev-Raj" is your one stop purveyor for all things related to designing, planning and perfectly executing the most enchanting events. We offer all wedding planning services in India under one roof, saving you the time and trouble of coordinating between various agencies. Our wedding planning packages are tailor made for each client taking into consideration their taste, preferences and budget. We guarantee “personal professionalism” meaning that when you choose us as your wedding event management company, we will efficiently and seamlessly carry out all our duties and cater to the smallest of your requirements so that each event reflects your family's heritage and traditions. Give us the privilege of managing your wedding so you can enjoy it as a guest.
Wedding Decoration Design Services

Decor and Design

As they say the first impression is the last impression, and the first thing that any guest notices at the wedding is the decoration and ambience, hence the primary focus of every event is the theme and suitable set up. Year after year we have been awarded the best wedding decoration title for our innovative and unique designs. We are the top wedding decorators in India because we have the most talented designers in our team and strong collaborations with quality vendors. With a combination of our inhouse team of experts and our tie-ups with competent agencies we are the most sought after wedding decoration service provider in India. All our events vibe differently from one other because each is specially curated keeping in mind the requirement and choice of individual clients.

Best Destination Wedding Planning Services

Destination and Venue Selection

Wedding destination selection is one of the most important aspects of your celebration. A lot of thought and work needs to be put into destination wedding planning. You need expert guidance to select a place that is not just beautiful but also practical and functional. We are the leaders in the list of destination indian wedding planners because we do all the groundwork and thorough research of resources and facilities available at a venue, we also familiarise ourselves with the systems and regulations of the place to ensure smooth running of all events. We do not believe in over-promising and put together realistic destination wedding planner packages based on the destination of choice, giving the client a clear picture of what all can be provided at the venue and the cost involved for the same.

Wedding Entertainment Services by 7X Wedding Planners


A wedding is beautiful because we have all our favourite people indulged in every ceremony to make it alive. With every unique experience that we plan at your wedding, we assure you that your guests will be fully happy and entertained with our entertainment activities for wedding guests. An interesting gaming session during Mehndi or a star performer wowing your people during Sangeet, or maybe poker tables to give a gala time to everyone during luncheon. We can convert any of these ideas to reality with our entertainment services for weddings, in a manner that your guest would go just gaga about the whole affair. We believe that any wedding is incomplete without a set of entertainment like wedding reception games and activities which can help unwind fully.

Services for Organizing PreWedding Celebrations

Pre Wedding celebrations

The union of two love birds is not a 24 hour celebration. It's a process of months of preparation and days of festivities. Having to plan and manage everything on your own can be an overwhelming experience, hence it is advisable to sign up a wedding event management company who can guide and help you. Our team enjoys the title of the best pre wedding planner in India, because we have the ability to come up with something out of the ordinary and never experienced before for each of your pre wedding functions. Each pre-wedding package is curated keeping in mind the specific requirements of the couple ensuring something new each time. We pick a theme for the wedding and all our pre wedding decorations and events revolve around that so everything amalgamates harmoniously on the big day. We also provide the best pre-wedding photography to capture and immortalise every moment.

Themed Food and Beverages Services for Wedding

Food and Beverages

Food is an integral part of any celebration. It is a medium to spread joy and warmth, it can be a conversation starter or an ice breaker and a symbol of your culture and heritage. Every region of India has its own traditional wedding food and it is important to find a wedding caterer who understands the flavour of the regional cuisine. It is tricky to select the best wedding catering service without full knowledge of the industry hence it is best to use a wedding planner who can identify them for you. Indian wedding catering is very elaborate and complex, because each pre wedding function has a different significance and the food has to match the tone of the event. Hence it becomes necessary to have a different wedding caterer for each event who specialise in the cuisine required. Deciding the menu, holding food tasting and coordinating between various wedding caterers can be a daunting task and this all is taken care of by our team of experts.

Bridging Communication in Wedding

Wedding Communication

Wedding communication is an inseparable part of a wedding. 7X- a wedding invitation creator in India is the creative head who leaves no stone unturned to make the whole affair smooth and easy for the guests. Our wedding communication services in India for the events and ceremonies are designed in the most innovative ways, which provide ease of accessibility and reach. Everything from a wedding logo to e-invites to our photo backdrops or departure kits is uniquely tailor-made and designed as per the entire theme. A wedding app or website, designed especially for the guests to make their journey with you smoother, creates lots of ease for them to schedule other plans in the city while enjoying their moments at the wedding.

Logistics Services for all kinds of Wedding


Managing logistics during a wedding is the most tiring job. It requires a lot of management of the resources. Our team of experts provides wedding logistic services, wedding hospitality services and overall supervision and execution of collecting information of guest arrivals and planning their pick up and drop-offs as well as their internal transits. Adding more style to this whole excitement we provide with various other components like exciting placards, refreshments and various other welcoming gestures. Apart from these helping guests with the daily transit for various ceremonies or other purposes in case of destination weddings is ensured. We work closely with the family members and keep little things that matter, very much in place.

Wedding Hospitality Service Services for all kinds of Wedding

Wedding Hospitality Service

Wedding hospitality services are an integral part of a successful wedding because it involves taking care of your guests from the moment they arrive till it's time to bid farewell. We assign a wedding hospitality team to manage every aspect of this, so you can enjoy worry free. Assigning a meet and greet team to ensure timely pick up, handling of luggage and distribution of refreshments so they are hassle free after their journey. A separate counter is set at the hotel, where all check-in formalities are carried out by our team. We also provide access to services like laundry, parlour and spa so your guests can relax and enjoy from the moment they set foot into the property. Welcome cards are placed in each room with details about the flow of events and guests are sent personalised messages on their phones so they can keep track of the real time schedule of events. Rooms hampers, wedding favours can also be arranged on request. These are small gestures that go a long way, and 7X weddings specialise in making your guests feel as welcome as they would if you were attending to them personally.

Wedding Gifts and Surprise Planning Services

Wedding Gifts

With us, you get bespoke gifting solutions for a wedding. For a wedding return gift, a team of merchandise planners brainstorm multiple thematic favours. The wedding gifting solutions are provided for your utmost convenience of saving time and energy while keeping your choices in mind. It can be too tricky and time consuming a task, to select the things which best fit your requirements. But our experience will help you do all of this smoothly and that too while sticking to your budget. A team of experts from our end may assist you by providing various gifting samples for you to choose from.

Management of Different Vendors in a Wedding

Vendor Management

A vendor is the backbone of any event, since he is the one who provides all the material and manpower. Every event needs a plethora of vendors who specialise in their own area. Choosing the appropriate vendors for a wedding who can provide equipment in flawless condition and guarantee timely delivery and clearance post every event is essential for a smooth flow of functions. Our team has excellent collaboration and partnership with vendors all over India, which guarantees best quality work with best rates that can meet any budget requirement . Team 7X provides you with wedding vendor management service ,wherein we find you the most competitive and competent vendors, and carry out the task of coordinating between various agencies and keeping track of their schedule to make sure that the celebrations go on like clockwork.

Custom Rituals and other Wedding Services

Other Wedding Services

Every wedding has different customs and rituals. Based on requirements we customise each ceremony very precisely and do the detailing accordingly. Although in-depth planning is our key to success and we stick around it well. Makeup artist, photography, choreography, wedding cakes or trousseau packing, be it anything we are there to help you connect with the best of the people in our industry.

We believe in making it all look simple for you to remain stress-free and take care of your budget. Team 7X happily provides last-minute solutions to your problems and stands as a pillar of support during this emotional journey of life taken by you and your family.

Indian weddings are complex and spread over many days. Each tradition and ritual has its own significance and needs to be honoured in its own right, and no party is really complete without some naach gaana and lots of hullabaloo. Why manage this all on your own when you can leave it to the experts and participate in the revelry and celebrations instead.