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By: Dev-Raj  

9 Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Entrance

Entries: The first glimpse of the splendors that await inside the venue. It is imperative to make the entry warm and welcoming because it sets the mood for the event that follows. A doorway that highlights the theme of the function and ignites an excitement among the guest to discover what lies ahead. It can be a small arch or a grand multilayered walkway, a simple frame bejeweled with flowers or a big facade with a riot of colours. The design, scale and size are all selected such that they befits the venue and theme of the function.

The Carnival

The ideal decor to capture the vibrancy of a pre wedding party with extensive use of colours and classy elements. The gigantic face and eye masks creates a sense of mystery and thrill and the guests are sure to be awestruck with the sheer size of the installations and the colorful costumes of the entourage greeting them. As they make their way through the pathway lined with murals and drapes their curiosity to see what is going to greet them inside will be palpable.

Carnival Wedding Entrance

The Colours of India

Nothing adds grace, elegance and delicacy to a decor like flowers, especially our traditional Indian blossoms which carry all the auspicious colours of festivities and celebrations. A blend of ethnic flowers and modern designs is an ideal combination and it can be given a modern twist by avoiding the conventional designs that usually go with marigolds. The opulent fullness of these blooms can be used to makes lavish strings which can be generously draped in scallops, spirals or rings to complement each other.

Multiple Colour Wedding Entrance

The Floral Tunnel

The perfect way to create a simple entry that is fluid, open and light yet elegant and unique. These tunnels artistically put together with checkered spirals and dotted with small bouquets to enhance the beauty and complete the look gives shape and reality to the most creative imaginations and dreams. It will be a mesmerising experience for the guests to walk through these arches as they make their way to the venue.

Floral Wedding Entrance

The Amber Ceiling

The vibrant and festive shades of orange and red make even the most simple venue stand out with grace and glamour. A luxurious creation crafted from rich flowing fabrics looped in intervals to create beautiful scallops delivers the perfect ambience for the celebrations. The reddish glow of the carpet and ceiling and the cutwork artifacts lining the passage makes for a complete royal feel, while the flowers provide a break to the colour and adds a breath of freshness.

Amber Ceiling Wedding Entrance

The Royal Archway

A grand entry for a wedding seeped in royalty and palatial grandeur and to make your guests feel like monarchs from the moment they arrived. The facade of the structure serves as a ready backdrop and the design is created around it. All elements used are selected such that they compliment the beauty of the carvings and cutwork. Scarlet red fabric brought out the delicacy of the workmanship while strings of white flowers fashioned as chandelier provided a striking contrast.

Royal Archway Wedding Entrance

In The Lap of Nature

A stunning beauty with minimalistic elements and colours to give a unique rustic feel to the ambience. Dried branches painted white, strings of crystals that glitter in the lights and globes of fairlights to brighten up the walkway blend perfectly together to create a calm and serene look. The tee light candles stung from the twigs makes for a dramatic effect while the lines of exotic flowers add some glamour and grace.

Natural Wedding Entrance

The Oasis

As someone rightly said “beauty lies in simplicity” and this creation epitomises both. The vastness of the space calls for an imposing structure, but the design is broken down into a series of arched frames instead, to maintain a flow in the ambience. The frames are currently artistically placed and bordered with stunning white flowers to give a break to the colour. The highlight however is the central meeting point with a ceiling draped in flowers and scattered benches underneath for the guests to take a halt and admire the space.

Oasis Wedding Entrance

The village sojourn

A grand village celebration if being the theme of the event and the venue an open ground. The set can be artistically created to build the facade of a large mud house with wooden doors and windows and the customary doorway arches. Traditional hand painted motifs and minimalistic use of ethnic flowers maintain the authenticity of the decor. Use of elements like the canon and chariot wheels add character to the ambience while the stunning red drapes add a feel of royalty.

Village Sojourn Wedding Entrance

Venetian Wonder

When a structure is as imposing and ornamental as the Venetian Macau it is a challenge to add a decor that can blend in yet stand out in its own right. However it is amazing how a minimalistic design and use of just one element can create grand size magic. Exotic flowers lining the existing architecture and creepers streaming down add grace and elegance, while chandeliers fashioned out of flowers strung across the passage carry the theme of the decor inside. Needless to say the guests will be mesmerised by the grandeur and beauty around them.

Venetian Wonder Wedding Entrance

Every design provided by 7x-Destination Wedding Planner in India would be unique and different, keeping in mind the theme of the event, the ambience of the venue, the budget and all other specifications provided by the client.