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By: Dev-Raj  

Exquisite Mandaps That Add Glamour And Glitz

The mandap is essentially a canopy or platform created to demarcate a dedicated space at the wedding venue. Here is where the most solemn ritual and ceremony of a marriage is carried out. It is the epicenter of every Indian wedding, the sacred spot where the beloved exchange their vows and the two souls are forever united as one. The mandap is the hero of the ceremony and it takes centre stage while planning the layout and decor of the wedding. It can be designed to merge with the theme of the celebrations or be fashioned in a different style all together to make it stand out in the mélange.

In all our years of experience and planning weddings all over India, we have curated innumerable mandaps as per the wishes of our clients and the look of the wedding. Here our some which left a lasting impression.

The Ivory Palace

White is the epitome to purity and sanctity, and what better colour to use for a ceremony as sacred as the exchange of wedding vows. Adding a dash of colour and glamour with deep red roses and fresh orange gerberas circling the pillars and strings of flowers hanging from the ceiling. Spacious and open from all sides lets the family partake in the ceremony from the comfort of their sofas. We recently did this for a destination wedding at Jodhpur, Umaid Bhawan and it was nothing less than heavenly.

Flower Mandap decoration

The Gilded Dome

An outdoor wedding with the beautiful backdrop of a water body calls for a fresh and vibrant mandap. Simply done up with a band of flowers encircling the cutwork dome and pastel pink and purple fabric forming a canopy to add grace and colour to the décor. The simple addition of a chandelier lends a royal touch. The structures on either side provides a cosy seating for family and friends to witness the union from close. This was a beautiful one, done on the Goan waters, for another destination wedding.

Outdoor Mandap Decoration

The Green Crown

Standing tall and elegant in the centre of the wedding arena is this grand mandap resembling a majestic crown. Beautifully created using thick green foliage and a splash of red and white. The flower laiden crimson centre adds a dash of colour and style. The openness of the design gives clear views of the ceremony to all present.

Elegant Wedding Mandap Decoration

The Inverted Umbrella

With its inverted dome looking up into the sky, this small and cosy structure is a modern take on the traditional mandap. Covered in beautifully embellished fabric, bunched up in the centre and a chandelier to hold it together gives it a rich finish. The pillars carry exotic english flowers for a classy and chic finish. Perfectly modelled to stand out in a small venue without interrupting views of the beautiful skyline behind it. If you look closely, there is Burj Khalifa on one side and a musical fountain on another. This mesmerising chauri was done for a wedding at Dubai, Armani Hotel.

Inverted Umbrella Mandap Decoration

The Flower Paradise

Flowers add elegance and grace to everything they touch including this mandap. Beautifully curated and designed to be laden with the choicest of blossoms to showcase the freshest flowers of the season. The floral pillars rise up majestically from the ground and meet at the centre to hold up the grand lotus showering it's blessings on the couple as they exchange their vows. We would say this is totally for someone looking for a combination of contemporary and traditional. A wedding at Udaipur, Ananta Resorts is where we crafted this chauri.

Wedding Mandap Decoration

The Royal Darbar

A grand palatial mandap is essential to complete the look of a royal wedding. Rich saffron and red fabrics symbolise the colours of royalty and add a touch of dignity along with beauty to the decor. This mandap is artistically created to resemble the scalloped walls of the meeting halls in places. The drapes and the multi layered floral chandelier come together to create a majestic aura. This royality was portrayed at City Palace, Jaipur. It was a night filled with glamour and the supremacy presented in the design of this chauri was spectacular.

Royal Mandap Decoration

There is so much that can be done with the mandap. Traditional flowers, mirrors and rich colorful fabrics can be artistically combined to give a regal look or orchids, lilies and other english flowers can be assembled together for a more exotic finish. For destination wedding the local architecture can be incorporated in the design to reflect the charm of the place for example pillars can be fashioned out of coconut leaves if your wedding is in Kerala or the interior of the mandap can be lit up with the glow of fairy lights and colorful glass lanterns for an Arabic look if Dubai is your locale. All your ideas and visuals can be incorporated in curating the perfect look for your special occasion.