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Glamorous Wedding Sign Ideas That Make a Statement

Long gone are the days when weddings used to be simply a set of rituals and food menu. In the contemporary world, weddings have become the fab way for a couple to show how they truly are while they seal the deal with the vows and rituals. Weddings have become another personality statement for couples, especially, for those who don’t like to follow the herd. Destination wedding planners In India now do all the possible enhancements, go out of their limits in terms of creativity and come up with stuff that’s unimaginable.

Here we bring to you 8 quirky ways to spruce up your wedding decor with interesting Wedding Signs:

The Standard Floral Theme Wedding Sign

Who doesn’t like flowers? All brides and grooms love flowers at their weddings. More the merrier…if that’s how you feel about flowers, then use your Wedding Sign as an extension of the flower theme. Take an appropriate wooden frame for your wedding sign and decorate it with flowers. Not only will this serve as an excellent way to point your guests towards the right direction, it becomes a statement piece that says a lot about your aesthetic sense as a couple.

Floral Theme Wedding Signs

Flowing With The Italics

Italic fonts denote motion and so should be used somewhere that has much movement going on. Combine the font style with instructions and a decent texture for the background. Voila! There it is the sign that adds another dimension to the whole decor. Use it around the garden area for the guest brunch or for the seating arrangement during the rituals. It is best used outdoors.

Flower Customized Signs

Directional Signs For Your Wedding

A directional sign can make all the difference. Playing along with the typography and placing it just right can make all the difference. Stick to a basic solid colour palette and avoid going over board with it. Simplicity adds to the beauty when it comes to directional signs.

Directional Signs

A Combination Of Expectations

To make things more edgy and fun, set the bar high with a combination sign that lists down everything your guests can expect. The perfect melange of fun, flair and floral will make it the perfect wedding sign to complement the decor.

Wedding Event Signs

Curtain Raiser Wedding Sign

Make the sangeet ceremony or the entrance of your dance to party to remember worth remembering. This glitzy and glam way to place the wedding sign is anything but understated. You can use lights, drapes, flowers with a basic wooden frame sign sharing whatever you want. Make this a statement that your guests will remember. Ideally used for glamorous evening sand dance parties.

Personalized Weddign Signage

Tradition Wedding Signage

Social Media Savvy Wedding Sign

Some couples prefer an unplugged ceremony while there are others who prefer a totally out there social media celebration while enjoying the on-ground celebration. If you have decided the hashtag and want your guests to go crazy with the pictures and videos from the festivities, share your social media hashtag and ask your guests to tag you. We’re positive this will get your wedding trending.

Social Media Savvy Wedding Sign

The Quirky Wedding Sign For The Quirky Couple

If you like things offbeat, subtle and creative, these quirky wedding signs are for you. Each couple has a unique personality. Find a symbol you associate each other with - even better if it’s a drink, a cocktail or a dessert. Use these quirky signs around the food area or the bar. It’s always a success and never fails to demand it’s fair share of clicks. These signages are now a constant thing to look up to in most of the indian weddings and any Indian Wedding Planner would give you the best options with them. So don't wait, go ahead and get crazy!

Wedding Yard Signs

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