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By: Dev-Raj  

Nitik and Navani’s Nuptial Bliss

Nitik and Navani’s Nuptial Bliss

Jab “NavNitnehakrdi” toh kya karega kazi ? Once the beautiful pair found their soulmates the only thing left to do was to curate and execute a fairytale wedding. The couple wanted a beautiful amalgamation of intimate soirees hosted in private venues, and opulent revelries set in the splendour of the Raajsa Resort, to weave the story of their dream wedding. Team 7X Weddings, renowned for orchestrating flawless weddings by providing impeccable wedding services in India, stood as their unwavering choice of collaborative partner for their sacred union.

Brij Ki Holi

The wedding festivities started with the haldi and mehandi held at a breathtaking farm in suburban Pali. Team 7X wedding designed a unique theme for this event: Half and HalfOne section of the venue was transformed into the vibrant streets of Vrindavan, brimming with colours and traditions, while the other half gleamed like the enchanting pastel world of 70’s hollywood. The guests got a traditional welcome by gopis clad in pure white and adorned with peacock feathers and were transported into a modern world of candyfloss pink and blue. The overhead canopy was a visual symphony artistically divided between fabrics of lemon yellow overflowing with strings of marigold flowers and greens seamlessly merging into hues of pastels adorned with delicate cut flowers in English colours. As per tradition urli’s were placed for the haldi ceremony in front of a stage that highlighted the fusion theme with a mixed decor of traditional flowers and geometric cutouts in pastels. Team 7X wedding won many laurels for their out of the box designing and making the occasion delightfully unique, and once again justified the title of “top wedding planners in India”

Nitik and Navani’s Nuptial Bliss Nitik and Navani’s Nuptial Bliss Nitik and Navani’s Nuptial Bliss

Radiant Ring Ceremony

Grand, Lavish, Larger than Life : were our guiding principles for the ring ceremony. We took to the drawing board and embarked on a creative journey to design the most exquisite event under our banner. White was the centre of our theme giving the evening a pearly sheen. Twinkling mirrors embedded in white lippan art and ornate glittering chandeliers in the luxurious foyer welcomed the guests while the couple entered the venue in a throne cocooned by opulent silky wings led by a troupe of gilded guards and fairies. Fireworks filled the arena and lit up the sky as the lovely couple walked up a majestic split staircase and met at the centre to exchange their rings. The bar drew in the guests with its ornate cast iron dome surrounded by statues of roman goddesses holding up chandeliers, and the ivy covered marble swings serving as tables piqued everyone’s interest. The pleasing aroma of the fragrant flowers infused a charm to the serene ambience and a happy glow on the couple’s face bore testimony to a well executed event.

Nitik and Navani’s Nuptial Bliss Nitik and Navani’s Nuptial Bliss Nitik and Navani’s Nuptial Bliss Nitik and Navani’s Nuptial Bliss Nitik and Navani’s Nuptial Bliss

Rockin Rollicky Revelry

This event was a challenge for 7X Weddings and we met it head on. The team loves to play with flowers and elaborate elements as a part of their designing process, but here the family wanted us to keep the decor simple and minimalistic so as to showcase the royal beauty of the property. We were pushed outside our comfort zone, but we came out standing tall and proud with the curation of another masterpiece. The guests were welcomed into the celebrations at the Raajsa Resort with an exhilarating Dj night. The vibe for the night was techno, and the exterior of the venue was decked up in cuboids fashioned out of LED lights and strings of twinkling fairy lights to give reality to the designs curated for this special night. The idea was to use clean cut, simple lines to give the venue an open yet lavish feel. The ballroom was transformed into a Parisian nightclub with digital animal prints embedded on scalloped partitions while a couple of statues wrapped in rope light added a warm golden glow to the party. Tables adorned with patterns of animal skin, bright multicoloured chairs, digital patterns on the dance floor and the glittering strobe lights beautifully synchronised to complete the look of a discotheque, where the guests were seen dancing into the night.

Nitik and Navani’s Nuptial Bliss Nitik and Navani’s Nuptial Bliss Nitik and Navani’s Nuptial Bliss Nitik and Navani’s Nuptial Bliss

Marwar ka Mayra

Mayra is when the bride’s mother welcomes her family to join in the celebrations. Keeping in mind the sanctity of the sentiments and emotions attached with this ceremony , we decided to make the decor blend naturally with the facade of the venue so as to not shift the focus of the event. Borrowing from the rich traditions and heritage of the state, the guests were welcomed by the sweet notes of a tanpura while being showered by flower petals. Inside the palatial room, intricately carved wooden partitions lined with bright stings of thick orange and yellow enhanced the saffron walls, while mirror work cushions added a pop of colour on the pristine white diwans. The menfolk were swaddled in rich lehariya safas while the women were pampered with beautiful trinkets. Our partnership with local vendors and artists gave us access to source and provide everything desired by the couple so as to create an authentic feel of the state during the ceremony. Our team extends beyond the walls of our office, to nurture relationships with artisans that ensures flawless execution of all events no matter which city we are in, making us the best destination wedding planner in India.

Shandaar Sangeet

A long hexagonal tunnel lined with white rope lights gave the feel of walking through a moonlit portal that led to another dimension. The interior of the venue mirrored the ethereal look with geometric decorative elements covering the sprawling garden. The opening act performed by the troupe dancing in costumes lit up with tiny lights and the grand entrance of belly dancers atop a moving installation of metal cubicles filled with lanterns left the guests in awe. The digital backdrop of the stage seamlessly transitioned through graphics to create a celestial look and was complemented by props and installations that changed to match the theme of each performance. Everything amalgamated beautifully to create an evening full of glitz and glamour. The main focus of the night was to have unique and graceful performances by professionals to entertain the guests before the family took over the stage. Our collaborations with agencies who tap new and upcoming talents gives us access to fresh never seen before shows thereby enhancing the wedding services we provide under the umbrella of 7X wedding.

Pretty Pastel Party

The couple wanted to start their D-Day with a vibrant carnival, complete with a lot of fun games and revelry. Beautiful cutwork fabric strung tightly on wooden frames kept the sun at bay, and at the same time cast gorgeous shadows on the grass underneath. The soft hues of the pastel cloth added a beautiful tint to the ambiance. A life size silver masque embedded in pink and blue monstera leaves along with greek patterned chairs provided the perfect backdrop to capture memories in photos, while a lot of guests were drawn to the sofas placed in front of the “Masquerade Wall” draped with giants masks and eye pieces on a stage lined with exotic flowers. Our team of designers along with a dedicated set of local artists and craftsmen never fail to create the look we envisage and set in motion a flawless execution of events that is why we are the preferred Indian wedding planners for all venues in India.

The Royal Wedding

Blooming flowers were the main focus of our decor and we featured them extensively in all our design elements. Arches made out of red and white carnations formed the entryway and spilt inside the venue in strategically placed locations to create beautiful niches. The groom made his grand entry on a chariot , while a line of friends and family holding mashal and diya lit the way to guide him to his blushing bride who stood amidst the sparkles of beaded strings and fireworks. The mandap was a unique circular shaped pandal whose pillars draped in flowers highlighted the golden bells nestled between them. Scattered around the garden was an intimate table setting of 4 housed under a chandelier held up by green foliage. The backdrop of the reception stage was lined with strings of golden beads while every available surface was artistically covered in flowers housed in brass vase giving the setting a rich vibrant look. Each element stood its ground while beautifully complementing each other to create a wedding steeped in tradition and grace.

No matter the scale of your wedding or the choice of destination, team 7X wedding is your ideal partner for all wedding services from the time you find your soulmate till the moment you say “I DO”