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By: Dev-Raj  

GLAM UP YOUR BRIDAL ENTRY - Top Ideas for Indian Weddings

The bridal entry is the pivotal moment of any indian wedding. At this juncture all pre wedding fanfare culminates to give way to the most divine and sacred part of the wedding “the exchanging of vows and the solemn union of two people”. This custom has come a long way, it no longer means a slow coy walk to the mandap but is now one of the highlights of the celebrations. It can be designed to match the look of your wedding or revolve around a stand alone theme. Simple, glamorous, grand or intimate, whatever be your choice of entry, it can be created in a beautiful and unique manner. We as Indian wedding planners have always tried our very best to make this special moment for a bride heavenly and beautiful as ever.

The glitz and glamor of the wedding functions may fade away in time, but the bridal entry remains etched in everyone's memory. Here are some awe inspiring ideas.

Walk the ramp

The stage is set, the celebrations are underway, all it needs is the show stopper.

Nothing comes close to the beauty of a bride. Bejeweled from head to toe and radiating with the happy glow of being surrounded by your loved ones, you are at your glamorous best. This is the walk which takes you to your betrothed, tying you in a sacred bond for life and you want to bridge the gap in style.

Roll out the red carpet the star is here. An elevated pathway to carry you in style, a ramp carpeted with delicate flowers and lined with twinkling lights. Family and friends gathered around to shower petals and confetti as you walk by beaming with joy.

Paints a pretty picture doesn't it?

Elegant Wedding Bridal Entry

Make an entry under a blanket of flowers

An angel waltzing under a canopy of flowers is a sight to behold.

It's tradition for the men of the family to give away the bride. Have your brothers and cousins walk alongside as you glide your way to the wedding altar.

Make the event even more intimate and cosy by having them hold a veil made of strung flowers or a cover of embellished fabric over you as you walk towards the mandap. This signifies the eternal bond of protection and love every brother promises his sister and what better time to reinforce it than on your wedding day.

Can there be a more beautiful way to showcase these emotions and sentiments?

Flower Bridal Entry

Beautiful Flower Bridal Entry

Make a royal entry

Glide into the wedding arena in a floral chariot befitting a queen.

A royal destination wedding with a palatial theme is the ideal setting for the queen of the day to make a stately entry.

The beautiful bride gracing a floating throne encased between pillars of flowers and curtains of silk fluttering in the breeze. With the procession being led by traditionally dressed women holding diyas or sparklers this is the epitome of style and glamour. This might have been a little traditional one but its fresh and lively forever. We have planned this for quite a few Indian destination weddings but trust me, you will love it still. You can add grandeur to it by having horses pull the chariot as you make your way to your waiting king.

Won't this be the perfect entry for your fairytale wedding?

Royal Bridal Entry

Royal Wedding Bridal Entry

Drive up in classic vintage style

What can be more romantic and perfect than making a grand entry with your bae by your side?

A modern take on the traditional bridal entry. Begin your journey of togetherness by entering the wedding venue side by side. A marquee lit up with fairy lights to brighten up the driveway. Gleaming like a blanket of million golden stars overhead, as you lovebirds make your appearance in a stylish vintage car.

Have a troop of horses or an army band lead the way for the car to add a touch of elegance and aristocracy to the occasion.

Won't this be an ideal start to a journey of a lifetime?

Classical Vintage Couple Entry

Walk through a love arch

Love Heart Bridal Entry

Roses and tassels glam up a wedding, all the bridesmaids are so pretty.

An entry with a twist. Add a part of your childhood memory to this auspicious occasion.

We have all grown up playing oranges and lemon, running away from the human tunnel so as to not get caught in their grip. Give this emotional occasion a sprinkle of giggles. Have your friends and family stand forming an arch for you to walk under.

As you take this path it symbolises the changing phase of your life, from a girl to a beautiful lady. The shy bride slowly making her way to a new life under the cover and blessings of her near and dear ones.

Isn't this a lovely way to capture this moment forever?

Get all your beautiful friends and sisters to hold hands and create a pathway that symbolises their love for you. You will always remember this moment. It will look even more amazing if the bridesmaids wear a co-ordinated outfit and blow the people away with this synchronization.

Another idea around this concept is to play a song that brings you in as a queen of your new life. Lights out for the public and flashed only on the queen while she enters and mesmerises the world with her charm. These are some outstanding concepts for the brides in any Indian wedding and 7X Weddings has planned and crafted unique concepts each time for bridal and groom entries. Let us know of your dreams and we shall work hard to make it real..and yes, it’s possible!

The list does not end here, there are so many ideas you can play around with. Enter in a boat for your beach wedding, or ride atop an elephant or horse if royal is your style, and why should boys have all the fun, gather your friends and family and dance in your own baraat. Think and ideate out of the box to make heads turn as you make your entry.