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An Absolutely Gorgeous wedding at Udaipur - Richa & Vishal

The royal wedding ceremonies of Richa and Vishal created mesmerizing memories and lured all the guests with captivating experience at the city of lakes in Ananta Resort. The royal regalia had exquisite themes of classic and unique to modern and colourful to vintage and rustic. The entire event management done by the Top Wedding Event Management Company in India, 7x Weddings.

An Aristocratic Mehndi Array

The pre-wedding ceremony was held at Chaat Bazaar where the cool breeze along with the warmth of the sun added sheer light and cosiness to the mehndi ceremony. The multicolour decor with the beautiful flowers added glitz and sparkle showcasing the magnificent taste of bride and groom. Mehndi is one of the sixteen adornments of a bride and an Indian grandeur wedding without mehndi is unimaginable. Love was truly in the air as Vishal not once left Richa’s side during the entire mehndi function. After the mehndi, everybody sprawled at the casino area enjoying at the Roulette table and slot machine.

The Rings and The Rituals

The engagement ceremony was followed after the mehndi function. This was the first step of Richa and Vishal entering into their own little paradise. The area of Aravali Lawn was beautified with drapes and flowers for an aesthetic touch. The smell of fresh rich grass, burbling streams and green surroundings where the beginning of the fresh new start. The young at hearts continued to enjoy in the after party and grooved at the beats that lulled in the background.

Mandvo and Peethi

A cleansing ceremony where Richa and Vishal were pasted with turmeric powder as a part of the beautification process before the wedding day in a lush green setup. Vishal was assaulted during the Peethi ceremony making the environment laughter filled- a perfect setup for an informal vibe.

Music! Pictures! Laughter! Dancing!- The Sangeet Night

The pink glow of the sunlight started to turn orange which was visible through a simple yet elegant backdrop of the sangeet function. The tranquillizing tints of blues and pinks was a perfect shade for the dramatic entry of Richa and Vishal which completely graced their happy faces. One by one, friends and family members were on the toes dancing to the desi beats when DJ took over the stage making everyone sway to the music late in the night.

Extravagant Wedding

Days and Days passed on ideation, planning and designing the D-day setup. In the back-end so many efforts and Wedding planning and management services were there to make this event live. Words fall short to describe the bright and vibrant colours used to create the grand mandap for the wedding. Apt colours and flowers were used for true to type Indian wedding. The tasselled flower beads gave a royal look to the spacious Amphitheatre of Ananta Resort. Hav

Minimalist ideas prove that for any reception decor, less is always more. Amphitheatre was decorated with a minimalist style that favours a neutral palette for a soft and airy look. With elegant calligraphy and ethereal linen here and there, an unexpected and personalized twist was added to the reception decor. It was up to the invitees to make the judgement, but no matter which way the judgement goes, it promised to be classic and crisp with underlying sophistication.

Exquisite! Vintage! Elegant! are the best words that describe Richa and Vishal’s Royal Wedding functions.

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Photo Credits: Radhika Pandit