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By: Dev-Raj  

Royally Captured Moments of Raveena and Priyesh

The awesomeness of Raveena Priyesh's wedding was totally exceptional. Team 7X left no stone unturned to make the wedding grandeur fulfill the couple’s expectations. The flowers, motifs, decor, the vintage effects with red and gold made the family, friends and guests go love-struck. Each function was exceptionally designed and managed and you can check out the details in the following story, planned by the top Indian wedding planner - DevRaj.

Punjabi Night

Pre-wedding functions are all about celebrating the best of the moments of the bride and the groom and one such function was a Punjabi night for Raveena and Priyesh. The Punjabi style vintage decor set the mood for one and all present. The family members, friends and guests danced their hearts out to the jiving Punjabi beats and celebrated with laughter cheer and of course Bhangra!

Dramatic Haldi

Redefining the aura of haldi decor with a stellar haldi setup where the floral pathways truly mesmerized the guests and filled them with awe. The dramatic haldi arrangement with floral and colourful drapes was a visual treat to one and all present. Each and every moment right from the couple’s entry for Peethi to summing up for the sacred rituals was ecstatic. The jazzy haldi with games and dance has left a mark on the guests due to its grandiosity and charm.

Sanctified Mayra

The colourful setup with the magnificent floral structures and hangings of marigold tassels were complimenting the occasion. Everybody was enslaved by the beauty of flowers and motifs by how strikingly they pose their glory and the guests couldn't resist posing around for some lovely selfies. The Mayra decor was done with much love and case because it's a function that is too close to one's heart.

Enchanting Sangeet

The focal point of Sangeet at ITC Jodhpur was nothing but to be royal in every aspect. Some nights are unforgettable and so was the Sangeet night of Raveena and Priyesh. The lit up stage was dazzling with a colour palette that merged too well with everything around and made it beautifully blue. The gorgeous floral arrangements at the centre of dinner tables with pastels, flowers and drapes spread across were alluring. The night was enjoyed with various dance numbers performed by family and friends making it a night to remember.

Royal Union

The most talked moment was the baraat and the fun the baraatis had during the wedding procession, making the memories last forever. The dholis played out loud beats that entranced the lanes of the Jodhpur followed by the baraatis who danced to the upbeat and flamboyant affair.

Everybody stood for the divine moment where Raveena and Priyesh walked down the aisle to the majestic mandaap that was designed straight out of heaven in red and white. Bal Samad Lake Palace, Jodhpur- a unique venue for the union of Raveena and Priyesh that enthralled the attendees.

The Grand Reception

The reception décor of Raveena and Priyesh’s wedding was an aesthetically produced work of art where every minute detail was done with extra care and attention. The royal pathway leading you to the love needs to be beautiful. 7X made sure to create a mesmerizing walkway for guests to make them feel special. Every element for the wedding functions has been well planned even the floral chandeliers suspended above with an adorning pathway was perfectly beautiful that gave a royal touch.

A truly royal extravagant union of the 21st century with a beautiful seamless wedding execution by 7X Weddings.

Photo Credits: Sab Moh Maya