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By: Dev-Raj  

Why you should say ‘I do’ this midsummer!

“The sand may brush off, The salt may wash clean, The tans may fade, But the memories will last forever.” - Unknown

Wedding, is the hangover that lingers lifelong. It is a tightly packed suitcase loaded with love and tonnes of memories. Though lasting only for a short while, but throughout the wedding phase all we strive for is perfection. Despite the fact that, perfection, is an impossible word, your wedding should be no less than perfect, rather a fairy tale. Therefore, we bring to you a few insights of a perfect summer wedding, that will surely make you want to say ‘I do’, this summer season. And there is no reason, as to why you should not have a midsummer wedding because the season has it all, bright and colorful hues, lush myriad greenery, enchanting floral beauty and the essence of grand festivity. Already eager for a summer wedding? In that case, there are a few additional influences of the season, which might pump up your enthusiasm all the way more.

No wedding journey is complete without a picture perfect locale and an, oh so perfect décor. These are the first impressions of your wedding journey. Hence, there should be no stone left unturned to create an aura, that is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also instills a light and open feeling within.  The summer season hits just the right strings, when it comes to your wedding milieu. Whatever you have pinned on your pinterest board is easily available and more. Be it a ceremony during the day that bathes in the warm golden hues or a celebration under the stars, with a glittering night sky and serene tints of calming blues and black. 

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This, being just the beginning, because apart from the delightful weather, you have many other reasons to feel happy about the summertime, and one amongst the many, is the décor. Summer is bright and so are its colors. You can playfully experiment with the colorful nature and the embellishments. The energy lingering around calls for upbeat decors which attractively go hand in hand with the pleasing as well as appealing florals floating around. If you wish to pump up the festivities, then marigold can be your perfect choice. It showers the shades of gold, orange, yellow and red, that adds on to the grandeur of the wedding ceremonies. Another great choice is the dash of pink, magentas, purples, and lavenders, with the beauty and elegance of the roses, petunias, zinnias, and orchids. These not only beautify but also infuse along serenity and calmness. And then, there is a forever color, that glows even brighter, whether it is the summer sun or the glorious summer night and it is the majestic color White, that has a unique and exquisite aura to it, which is glorious as well as peaceful. But if you are an onlooker to fun and excitement, then you can go for a splash of colors and take the decoration up a notch. 

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Going forth, from the décor to the menu, the flavors of midsummer are a celebration in itself, as it not only appeals to the palette but also the eyes. The infusion of the theme with the food creates, great pieces of art that are not only savory for your palette but also for your precious memories. You can relish an entire range of delicacies be it gourmet, spicy or deserts. But the best of all in the zing that every soul looks forward to - mocky cocktails, cocky mocktails or chilling popsicles. The gifts of the flavors are plentiful, you just need to cherish them all.

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Last but not the least, the best gift of the summer is the soothe and comfort, it brings along. Weddings go by the motto - The More, The Merrier. And, the summer lets you and your guests soak in the warmth, and comfort. Thus, making your wedding an enjoyable experience for everyone. Other perks are the comfort of attires, that can be enjoyed even by the bride and the groom. They get the luxury of enjoying an outfit that is a beautiful combination of classy, grand yet comfortable.

Are you already eager enough to have a summer wedding? Then waste no more time towards your perfect summer fairytale and contact your favorite wedding planner today!