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By: Dev-Raj  

NIRAV AND NIKITA - A wedding to remember,forever!

The royal regalia of the mesmerizing royal destination wedding of Nirav and Nikita created some beautiful memories and allured everyone with its charm in the ever so beautiful Pink city, Jaipur.

Welcome and mayra

In bright red shades of pure crimson, were dressed the array of welcoming “” to celebrate the presence of those who graced the occasion, making them feel equally special with a royal welcome. Right from the start, this wedding kicked off with the quintessential theme of the intricately designed marriage ambiance, which was the true taste of magnificent yet traditional Rajasthani culture. The welcoming of the guests from the groom’s side, started off with the Mayra where each attendee couldn’t resist moving to the contagious beats of Dholak with the traditional dancers to the moves of Ghoomar and many such fun Marwari dances; held at the terrace of the premise, it allowed a beautiful openness and freshness whilst sitting under the azure sky.

Sangeet and after party

What followed was the enthralling experience of Sangeet, where the performances from family and friends filled the audience with a bouquet of emotions and cheer. But it was when the couple took the stage that left everyone spellbound, with roaring melodies of applauds. The emcee Purva Mantri had everyone on the edge of their seats ensuring a fun time for one and all. And that’s not all! After the enchanting performances, the rounds of dancing juice began the cocktail party. DJ Dhruv & Maulik burned up some catchiest and choicest of tunes to have the guests grooving up on the dance floor.


On the D-day, everything in sight was encompassed in a myriad shades of blue, as if merging the horizons of the cool-blue poolside and the clear blue sky. The ambience was decked up with aquamarine floral and bright pop coloured décor, the guests were welcomed with a traditionally English theme. With musicians playing the British melodies as the dancers frolicked joyfully in countryside dance forms, the guests were welcomed with bright smiles for a night to remember. Amusing acts from jugglers with eye-catching tricks and stunts made for a fun watch as the guests would head towards the bar for a drink.


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As the sun set that day, Nirav and Nikita were about to celebrate their happy ever after. The evening enraptured one and all as Kutle Khan serenaded with rustic and beautiful tunes of folk music. The entire environ lit up the premise in shades of beautiful shades with bright lights, subtle florals and a plethora of drapes. The most awaited and stunning ceremony was the Varmala, where the bride and groom appeased all the guests by manifesting the event in a manner where nobody felt left out in spectating something so beautiful and cardinal. The Varmala took place at a higher level, aesthetically visible from a beautiful jharokha, the patrons cheered and rejoiced as Nirav & Nikita turned man and wife on that stellar night.

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Photo Credits: Nishant Sharma