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A wedding is the most significant moment in one’s life and more than just an occasion. It is a celebration of the coming together of two people, embarking on a journey of a lifetime. A reason to unite, and bring your family and friends together as one. Something you dream and plan for endlessly, to ensure it is picture perfect, a fantasy come true.

Therefore, it is easy to imagine why couples love to customize and personalize their wedding. Unfortunately, that requires time & attention to the smallest of details, to the big decisions taking away moments you should be able to enjoy and cherish.

That’s where a wedding planner can be a life saver! A wedding planner can play a pivotal role in executing the perfect wedding for you. The advantages of hiring wedding planners are endless. Here we give you 11 reasons why you should book one today:

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Wedding responsibilities are often split between family and friends. They might be capable and willing to carry out the tasks assigned to them, but may lack the finesse and proficiency that come with experience in the field of event management. A professional planner team brings with them expertise on everything from venue selection, to themes, ensuring that your wedding has everything you dreamt of.


Weddings have transformed from cozy private affairs to big gala events, from a close knit family gathering to a grand party. Each couple wishes their wedding to be bigger and better, and at the same time something that reflects their personality and individuality. A planner competently gathers all your ideas, visions and views and translates them into a picture perfect wedding.


A lot goes behind organizing a wedding like planning, researching and coordinating, which are not only time consuming, but also add a lot of responsibility which can be overwhelming. Hiring a wedding planner lets you hand over these responsibilities to a professional so you can focus on other aspects of the wedding. Wedding planners are invaluable in keeping you organized and allows you to enjoy the planning process without getting stressed.


A lot of people have never had celebrations as grand as a wedding before and hence have no idea on how to prepare a budget for it, or some people have a budget but unclear about how much they can do with it. Here is where a professional plays an important role, they can suggest a destination, scale of wedding and other details based on your budget, or they can give you a budget breakdown on the basis of information and requirements specified by you.


Each person deserves a wedding as different and unique as them. Encompassing the traditions and cultures of the ceremony in a style and fashion that reflects their personality. A planner can design a wedding exclusive to the couple starting from the locale, to the theme and decor, from romantic couple entries to grand pre-wedding parties. Everything can be planned as executed to make your wedding the talk of town.

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A lot of detailing goes into executing a wedding, from decor, food, music to artist events. Each aspect is run and managed by different agencies and vendors who specialize in their field. A professional planner has a feel of the entire market, and with their connection and clout the can get you the best deals and services. They not only ensure that each vendor delivers as per promise but also coordinate between various agencies to guarantee smooth and hassle free execution, making the run up to wedding stress free for you.

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Most couples prefer to have the wedding celebrations at a location away from home, enabling them to spend more quality time with their guests and to participate fully in all the revelry. Planning such a wedding can be even more daunting, as being an outsider in a city makes it is difficult to find all you need. With their experience and collaborations a wedding planner can be your guide at any location of your choosing. They can not only connect you to all the right sources but also save you the hassle of travelling back and forth to plan out all the details.

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Deciding the venue, theme, decor and food is only the tip of the iceberg, attention to details is what makes a wedding perfect. A professional team can outline all the nitty gritty that go into planning each event, right from logistics to time management ensuring that you plan your celebration in such a way that there is smooth transition from one function to the other. This can help avoid running behind schedule or overlapping of event timings, so as to eliminate delays and confusions on the D-Day.

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Your guests are an integral part of the wedding, they are there to witness and bless the union and also add fun and merriment to the celebrations. They deserve to be attended to from the time they arrive, till the time they depart, making sure they are comfortable, entertained and all their needs are met. With so many other things to look into, it’s difficult for you to be at all places at the same time, a wedding planner can provide you with a professionally trained team to attend to your guest in a courteous and cordial manner.


Even with all the advance planning and preparations, a large scale event spanning over few days cannot be glitch free. Unforeseeable circumstances can throw a wrench in the wheel and interrupt the flow of events. Having a professional team at hand can provide you with timely solutions and actions to overcome any problem and continue with your celebrations with minimum disruption.


The wedding is planned and executed perfectly. The guests are in awe of all the seamless details and glowing with all the pampering. But the work of the host does not end here. The vendors need to be paid, the hotel bills need to be cleared, the bags need to be packed, and after the hectic parties and functions one does not want to be bogged down by this. Let the professionals take over and ensure that all pending matters are handled just as smoothly as the main event itself, letting you leave the venue just as hassle free as when you arrived.

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A professional wedding planner ensures you get your dream wedding in the most picture perfect way, allowing you to enjoy each and every moment while they execute all events to a perfection. So sit back, let your hair down and enjoy your big day with the help and guidance of a professional.